Tri-M Music Honor Society: Benefits, Resources, and Website Redesign



 We here at NAfME hope your school year has gotten off to a strong start!  Have you started a Tri-M Chapter to help bolster that start?  If not, follow the rest of this post for information on why Tri-M is a valuable asset to your schools music program, our new and improved website layout, and resources available to your chapter!

To assist in the navigation of our Tri-M website, the staff here revamped the website for your convenience.  Head over to the new and improved Tri-M site to view information, resources, and more! We’ve condensed important information on the teacher/advisor and student pages, to make it easier to find the information and resources you’re looking for.  We sincerely hope this makes your experience much easier in starting, renewing, and/or finding what you need to help guide your chapter!

With that being said, you might be wondering how Tri-M benefits you and your students.  Tri-M is ultimately a student-led music honor society.  The chapter is broken up into student positions (president, vice president, treasurer, etc.) fostering leadership and forward thinking in students, with a focus based around music, service projects, concerts, and more.  These skills they develop will become invaluable as they march forward into their adult lives. 

Not only does Tri-M benefit your program and your students, but service projects benefit the community as well, showcasing Tri-M as a valuable asset. Additionally, service projects that benefit the community can also benefit you. At the end of each school year, we ask Tri-M chapters to fill out the Chapter Summary Form detailing their chapter and the activities they participate in during the school year, and mail it in to us here at NAfME.  By simply filling the form out, their chapter becomes eligible for a chance at a $1,000 scholarship that can be used to help further chapter goals, reach, and projects.

There are resources readily available on our website for you to use to garner interest in Tri-M and help in starting your chapter.  For help gaining potential members, here is the Learning Guide which explains the benefits of starting a chapter and becoming a member.  Once your chapter has been chartered, the Quick-Start Guide will help by explaining the Tri-M standards, service project ideas, ceremony templates, and more. Click here to start your Tri-M chapter today!

If you have any questions, please e-mail the Tri-M Program Coordinator, Brendan McAloon, at, or call at 703-860-4000 ext. 219.