What Teachers Are Saying about Leading in Music Class Assessments

What Teachers Are Saying about Pilot-Testing Model Cornerstone Assessments for Music Classes

November 2016 update: Pilot-Testing Is Now Closed

As the process continues, teachers in the music field are being called upon for final pilot-testing of the model cornerstone assessments.

These model cornerstone assessments help bring the 2014 Standards into focus. Following the initial pilot during fall 2014-spring 2015 to improve the assessments, this coming 2016 academic year NAfME is piloting all assessments.

“After completing the Model Cornerstone Assessments, I came to realize that I have been underestimating what my students can accomplish. The level of their work surprised me and I now will know that they can achieve at much higher levels.”

Many more teachers in all areas of music are needed for fall 2016:

  • 2nd, 5th, & 8th Grade General Music
  • All levels of Ensembles (Band, Choir, Orchestra)
  • Guitar/Keyboard Classes
  • Theory/Composition
  • Technology


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This is a critical opportunity for music educators to take the lead in developing music education standards, bringing their expertise from the field into the final development of their assessments. Hear what educators have to say about the model cornerstone assessments:

“One thing I really like is the formatted assessment/reflection/feedback sheets. I also like that this is a national document. So I can say that this is coming from my national association, not just something that I made up.”

“The classroom project itself is not at all a problem.  In fact, this format breaks the process down into several smaller parts which makes it easier to manage. “

“I like the path this is headed in, and my program essentially does this already. We moved to a ‘Jury’ model, where Junior and Senior level students get foundational skills training in the first half of the year and then do juries the second semester. Juries can be ensemble or solo.“

To learn more, watch the MCA webinar, presented by Scott Shuler, Solutions Music Group Expert