2022 Call for Nominations for the Journal of General Music Education Editorial Committee

The Journal of General Music Education is accepting nominations for TWO positions on the JGME Editorial Committee (2022–2028).

Request for Applications for Editorial Committee:

The Journal of General Music Education is seeking nominations for members of the Editorial Committee with duties beginning on August 31, 2022, and continuing through August 31, 2028.

Journal of General Music Education cover

The Journal of General Music Education (JGME) is a newly rebranded journal of the National Association for Music Education. JGME’s new focus includes articles and columns on gender inclusivity, culturally responsive pedagogy, social-emotional learning, technology, aligning with standards, multilingual teaching, and other contemporary areas of inquiry.


Be a professional educator at the PreK–12 level or in higher education who is committed to excellence in the teaching and scholarship of general music, arts integration, performing arts, and general education.

  • Be a member of the Council for General Music (any NAfME member who selects General Music as one of their professional teaching areas is a member of CGM), or you will be required to join if appointed.
  • Have the expertise and be able to commit the necessary time to carry out the duties of the position.
  • Have research/articles/columns published in peer-reviewed journals of the same scope and level as JGME.


  • Provide a letter indicating your interest in the position including a statement that you can fulfill the duties required of the position.
  • Provide a shortened CV that characterizes your qualifications for the position.
  • Obtain two letters of support—sent directly to Rekha S. Rajan, the current JGME Academic Editor—from nationally recognized individuals, colleagues, or mentors in music education, early childhood education, or teacher education.

Send the above items by June 1, 2022, to Rekha_rajan@att.net.