The Music Teacher Profession Initiative (MTPI) was formed in 2021 by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) to identify barriers to equity in music teacher recruitment, education, and retention. A task force of NAfME leaders representing institutions of higher education across the country conducted research related to the challenges facing high school students as they make the decision to pursue a career in music education, preservice music educators in their undergraduate degree programs, and novice music educators in their first five years in the profession.  

The project was executed with the perspective of widening the path to the profession by cultivating and strengthening more inclusive and equitable processes in recruiting, teaching, and nurturing a robust music teacher workforce. A Blueprint for Strengthening the Music Teacher Profession (released in June 2023) describes the task force’s process, outcomes, and recommendations for action. The report reveals the deeply complex nature of tackling evolution in music teaching and learning. The issues addressed are not easily remedied. We call on educators and administrators who have a vested interest in music teaching and learning to take an active role in moving our culture forward in ways that are inspiring, inviting, and inclusive. 


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Blueprint Implementation

The Music Teacher Profession Initiative: Current Status and Future Action

Careers in Music Education