NAfME Journals

NAfME publishes five peer-reviewed journals available to members as part of their membership; all are available online to members at no additional cost.

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Music Educators Journal

Peer-reviewed scholarly and practical articles on music teaching approaches and philosophies, instructional techniques, and more.

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Journal of Research in Music Education

Peer-reviewed journal comprising reports of original research related to music teaching and learning.

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Journal of General Music Education

Peer-reviewed journal describing successful practices from early childhood through high school.

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education

Peer-reviewed journal presenting reviews of research studies without research terminology or jargon.

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Journal of Music Teacher Education

Peer-reviewed research journal includes general interest articles and research articles related to music teacher education.

Research and Music Teacher Education

Research and music teacher education are among the cornerstones of the NAfME Strategic Plan. Learn more about the work of the Society for Research in Music Education and the Society for Music Teacher Education.



Zachary Giddings
Zachary Hunter Giddings
Ecker Hill Middle School
Park City, Utah
Amir Jones
Amir Jones
Thomas W. Harvey High School
Painesville, Ohio
Matthew Williams
Matthew L. Williams
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
What Tri-M means to me. Quote from Jenna K. Tri-M Alumnus


Teaching Music Magazine

The quarterly NAfME magazine for all members. Available in print and digital.

NAfME Notes

A biweekly source of news, resources, and information for NAfME members.

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