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Here you will find different ways to:

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Your Title IV-A Success Story

FY 2018’s funds will be available for the 2018 – 2019 school year. If you have received Title IV-A funding previously or will receive funding for the upcoming school year, we want to hear YOUR story!

Visit to tell us your Title IV story:

  • How much funding did you receive?
  • What was the funding used for?
  • How has it benefited your students?
  • How has it benefited you as an educator in providing a well-rounded education?
  • By using these funds, are you closer to providing a “quality” music program, as outlined in the OTL standards?

Your stories are vital to helping NAfME advocate for music education! Although Title IV-A received a significant increase in FY 2018, the new funding number is still short of the grant’s authorized amount of $1.6 billion.  This information will help us get closer to that goal!

Join Our Social Media Campaigns!

At this time, we have no grassroots social media campaigns active.  Check back soon to see how you can support music education through social media!

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