Grassroots Action Center

Welcome to the NAfME Grassroots Action Center!


Grassroots action center

Here you will find different ways to:

  • Support Music Education in State and Federal Education Policy

  • Get Involved with the Legislative Process

  • Find Your Representatives and Engage Your Members in Congress

  • Get Updates on Legislation Affects Music & Arts Education


This map shows where in the country educators are urging Congress to act and support education funding! Make sure your state is represented!  

Your Title IV-A Success Story

FY 2018’s funds will be available for the 2018 – 2019 school year. If you have received Title IV-A funding previously or will receive funding for the upcoming school year, we want to hear YOUR story!

Visit to tell us your Title IV story:

  • How much funding did you receive?
  • What was the funding used for?
  • How has it benefited your students?
  • How has it benefited you as an educator in providing a well-rounded education?
  • By using these funds, are you closer to providing a “quality” music program, as outlined in the OTL standards?

Your stories are vital to helping NAfME advocate for music education! Although Title IV-A received a significant increase in FY 2018, the new funding number is still short of the grant’s authorized amount of $1.6 billion.  This information will help us get closer to that goal!