NAfME Composition Competitions Are Being Paused

The NAfME Composition Competitions are being paused so that the National Executive Board and NAfME Equity Committee may review these and other student opportunities for alignment with the new association strategic plan. Please check back for updates.

NAfME Student Composers Competition

Each year teachers and students are invited to submit original student compositions for Voice and Piano Accompaniment or Concert Band.

Our 2022 Winners


Kiefer Bernard for the piece, Battle Cry

  • Buzz Aldrin Middle School, Montclair, New Jersey
  • Teacher, Peter Abazia

High School

Aiden Levendofsky for the piece, There Will Come Soft Rains

  • Rock Creek High School, St. George, Kansas
  • Teacher, Jay Koupal

Matthew Cline for the piece, Semper Incedendo

  • Shanghai American School, Shanghai, China
  • Teacher, Karolina Pek

Honorable Mention:

Joseph Lim for the piece, Jabberwocky

  • Edgemont High School, Scarsdale, New York
  • Teacher, John Catoliato

Aaron Kaufman for the piece, Hazakura

  • Conemaugh Township Area High School, Davidsville, Pennsylvania
  • Teacher, MariGrace Lingenfelter


Ryan Flat for the piece, Springtime

  • University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, Colorado

Jamey Boezi for the piece, Token of Gratitude

  • The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Honorable Mention:

AJ Francisco for the piece, My life closed twice before its close

  • Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia


*Previously published works are not eligible for submission in the competition.
*Submission implies permission for NAfME to perform and record all selected works.

NAfME Electronic Music Composition Competition

The NAfME Electronic Music Composition Competition recognizes outstanding compositions and highlights the effectiveness of music technology in the school curriculum.

Our 2022 Winners


Ethan Guan for the piece, No Shame in Games

  • The Harker School, San Jose, California
  • Teacher, Susan Nace

Honorable Mention:

Anthony Gibson for the piece, Ethereal

  • Friends School Mullica Hill, Mullica Hill, New Jersey
  • Teacher, Kathleen Hayden

Elizabeth Hadley for the piece, Wasabi Rice Crackers

  • McConnell Middle School, Loganville, Georgia
  • Teacher, Christopher Jones

High School

Bella Chaine for the piece, Falling off the Edge of this Cinderblock Building

  • Honolulu, Hawaii

Dominic Labuguen for the piece, Spring

  • Ocean Grove Charter School, Placerville, California
  • Teacher, Therese Labuguen

Honorable Mention:

Ben Casper for the piece, World Within Your Soul

  • Mayo High School, Rochester, Minnesota
  • Teacher, Aaron Cole

Robin Gillespie for the piece, Mammatus Cloud

  • Sachem North High School, Lake Ronkonkoma, New York
  • Teacher, Mike Carroll


Daniel Speal for the piece, Orchids

  • Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

Honorable Mention:

Hudson Dunbar for the piece, Prognosticate

  • Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

NAfME Student Songwriters Competition

Original music by student songwriters. Teachers and students submit original student songs.

Our 2022 Winners


Emma James for the song, Don’t Forget

  • London Middle School, Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Teacher, Luis Zepeda

Honorable Mention:

Eila Conopask for the song, One Day

  • Avon Middle School, Avon, Connecticut
  • Teacher, Jane Sitarz

High School

Yuta Takahashi for the song, Ice cream in the driveway

  • Greenwich High School, Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Teacher, Barbara Freedman

Honorable Mention:

Dexter Griffin for the song, disposition

  • Berkeley High School, Berkeley, California
  • Teacher, Karen Wells

Sanjna Rajagopalan for the song, Textbook Answers

  • Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, New Jersey
  • Teacher, Natalie Cardillo


Sam Harrison for the song, Hand of Hodges

  • Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

Honorable Mention:

Caroline Bergan for the song, Dear Stranger

  • Syracuse University – VPA – Setnor School of Music, Syracuse, New York

Roman Rivera for the song, Like Me More

  • Roman Rivera, Fresno, California


*Submission implies permission for NAfME to perform and record all selected works.