2022 Call for Nominations for the Update Editorial Committee

2022 Call for Nominations for the Update Editorial Committee

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The Executive Committee of the Society for Research in Music Education seeks nominations for six vacancies on the Update Editorial Committee.

Required Qualifications: (a) SRME membership at the time of initial nomination and for the entire period of service, (b) a commitment to serve a full 4-year term, and (c1) a record of sustained research activity, including articles published in the JRMEUpdate, or other refereed journals or (c2) a record of research activity and successful music teaching or meaningful engagement with PK-12 music teachers. Other Desirable Qualifications: (d) an earned doctorate in music education or music, (e) experience guiding graduate research projects, and (f) continuing interest and involvement in research activity. The SRME EC will also consider how a nominee contributes to a balanced distribution of expertise and representation on the editorial committee.

Responsibilities: Provide thorough and timely written reviews of manuscripts and manuscript revisions (about 1-2 per month). Attend all Editorial Committee meetings as called by the Editor.

The term of office will begin July 1 of 2022, for a period of 4 years. Retiring members of Update may not be reappointed to this body until 2 years have elapsed since the end of their terms. Nominees must have completed a term (by July 1, 2022) on any other SRME committee (SRME EC or JRME) to be considered.

All nominations must be submitted electronically with the subject: 2022 Update Nomination. Send a nomination letter (labeled “Update nomination.nominee’s last name”) and Curriculum Vitae (labeled “CV. nominee’s last name”) for each nominee as an attachment in Word (.doc or docx) or Portable Document Format (.pdf). Other formats will not be accepted. Self-nominations are acceptable. Submit nominations no later than March 1, 2022, to Carlos Abril, Chair, SRME Executive Committee, .