5 Things to Do on a Snow Day

5 Things to Do on a Snow Day


The office of the National Association for Music Education, along with many others on the East Coast, are currently “hunkering down” for the coming blizzard of 2016.

If you’re snowed in as well, or otherwise ever find yourself with extra time (teachers: insert sarcastic laugh here), here are a few activities that music teachers and music students can do to help pass the time.

  1. Practice notation in the snow. (If it’s summer, do this in the sand!)
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  1. Learn how to play a perfect B flat scale on trombone.

  1. Enter the 2019 Student Composers Competition!!



  1. Singers: You can practice on your own
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  1. Get creative with your snow sculptures. (Still summer/snowless? See #1.)
snow sculpture
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Catherina Hurlburt, Communications Manager, January 22, 2016. © National Association for Music Education (NAfME.org)