A message from the National Tri-M Chair

Greetings Advisors!

I am Patrick Barnett–National Chair for the TRI-M Music Honor Society.  I am pleased that you visited this page!

I have been involved in TRI-M as a sponsor, state chair, and now national chair for the past 15 years.  Currently, I am the Fine Arts Department Chair at Maine Township High School West in Des Plaines Illinois.  Maine West is the sister school of Maine East–where TRI-M began almost 80 years ago.  I had the opportunity to be sponsor of Chapter # 1 for many years and personally knew one of our society’s founders.  Frances Harley shared many stories about the beginnings of our organization.

Our goals are many and our principles honorable.  Service to the school music program, the school-at-large, and the community while providing talented music students leadership opportunities is an unbeatable combination for orchestrating success in your students.

Should you wish more information about starting a chapter at your school, please do not hesitate to contact me.  If your school already has a chapter, I’ve got great ideas on how to reinvigorate yours!  Maybe your school had a chapter many years ago and it is inactive.  I can give you ideas on how to reactivate it.  I’m here to help and I sincerely mean it!

Frances Harley had a saying.  Music Makes the World Go Around was something she said at the drop of a hat.  She truly meant it and through she and her husband Alexander’s efforts, our organization creates life-long learners of music, develops leadership skills, and recognizes the efforts of talented school musicians around the world.

I hope you consider providing this incredible opportunity for your students

Patrick S. Barnett

TRI-M Chapter 458 Sponsor

Illinois State Chair

National Chair for TRI-M