Acknowledgement to NAfME Society and Council Members for Their Service, 2019

music education

Societies and Councils provide expert, committed leadership for all key areas of music education within the association. NAfME would like to acknowledge the following Society or Council members whose service recently ended for the positions listed. NAfME appreciates their contributions to the association and thanks them for their commitment to the profession.

For more information on NAfME Societies and Councils, please visit A printable version of this announcement is available here.

Council for Band Education

Michelle Bluford, North Central Division

Phillip Riggs, Southern Division

John Paul Lynch, Jr., Southern Division

David Lesser, Western Division

Norman Dea, Member-at-Large


Council for Choral Education

Barbara Geer, Southern Division


Council for General Music

Jennifer Bailey, North Central Division

Ashley Peek, Southern Division

Anne Fennell, Western Division


Council for Guitar Education

Christopher Perez, Southern Division
Kevin Vigil, Member-at-Large


Council for Innovations

Mark Irvin, North Central Division


Council for Jazz Education

Rodney Whitaker, North Central Division

Richard Ripani, Southern Division

Richard Victor, Member-at-Large


Council for Music Composition

Michael Hayden, North Central Division

Andrew Poor, Southern Division

Patricia Riley, Member-at-Large


Council for Orchestral Education

Andrew King, North Central Division

Georgia Ekonomou, Southern Division


Council of Music Program Leaders

Jeanne Reynolds, Southern Division

Dee Hansen, Member-at-Large

Mark A. Propst, Member-at-Large


Council of State Editors

Steve Oare, Chair


Collegiate Advisory Council

Colleen Conway, North Central Division

Andy Collinsworth, Western Division


Music Honor Society Advisory Council

Windy Fullagar, Southern Division

Elizabeth Robertson, Western Division