Advocacy Webinar – 2018 Midterm Election Edition

Join the NAfME public policy team Wednesday, Oct 10 @ 7:00 PM (EDT) for our free quarterly advocacy webinar!conference

As we approach midterm elections on November 6th, join the NAfME Public Policy Team to learn about the electoral landscape, the roles of state and local governments in education funding and policy, and the Civic Action Field Guide, a new NAfME advocacy resource!

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The Federal Landscape – Trends Toward the 2018 Midterm Elections

Although they do not have the same glitz and glam, midterm elections are arguably more important than presidential election years. The outcomes of these elections will affect the balance in both chambers of Congress. All 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are up for election, while a third of the Senate’s seats will be up for grabs. Midterm elections often serve as a bellwether for federal legislative priorities in the two years to come.

Our upcoming webinar will examine several key items in the midterm’s electoral landscape:

  • Voter enthusiasm and possible voter turnout;
  • How recent special elections may gauge this November’s results;
  • Battleground states;
  • The possible makeup of Congress in 2019.

State & Local Government: A Major Part to Play

In addition to the many federal seats in play, a variety of states and localities will also host elections. Many decisions affecting policy and funding for public education are made at the state and local levels. Although the federal government provides several funding opportunities for public education, these funds are meant to supplement, not replace state and local funds, and only account for 2% of all federal spending. Together, state and local revenue provide up to 92% of the funding for K-12 education.

See if your State is holding elections for your state education leaders (Source: Education Commission of the States)

During our webinar, we will highlight the importance of state and local government in how public education is governed, the roles of state and local officials, and the budget process of your state and school district. As our nation conducts this year’s midterm elections, we want to empower you with this critical information, so you can make choices that will preserve and grow music education not only federally, but also in your locality.

The Civic Action Field Guide

The NAfME Civic Action Field Guide is a brand-new advocacy resource that seeks to empower music educators and advocates to engage with decision-makers in order to strengthen music programs.

The contents of the field guide not only offers what is covered in this webinar, but even more detailed information in how to keep music education relevant in your state and local government during election season and beyond. We hope that this guide empowers you to join us as the national voice for music education!

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