American Orff-Schulwerk Association Seeks NAfME Member Participation in Music Education Assessment Survey

The American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA)  invites members of  the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) to participate in an AOSA survey to investigate the assessment tools and grading practices that are currently used in music classrooms. The survey examines the amount of professional development focused on assessment that music educators currently receive. 

Additionally, music teachers will also be asked questions related to time spent developing and implementing certain types of assessments, and the importance of assessments in relation to music teaching and learning.  The results of this survey will provide a clearer picture of how music educators are navigating assessment trends across the country.  This survey takes less than 15 minutes to complete. The survey closes on November 25, 2013. 

Music Assessment Survey link

The American Orff-Schulwerk Association is a professional organization of educators dedicated to the creative music and movement approach developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman. Our mission is: to demonstrate the value of Orff Schulwerk and promote its widespread use; to support the professional development of our members; and to inspire and advocate for the creative potential of all learners.

A summary of the results of this survey will be published on the NAfME website and complete results will be published in The Orff Echo.

NAfME has created two  new workbooks, one titled, Building and Evaluating Effective Music Education in the School Ensemble and a similar one for general music use. Each workbook is $34.50 for members and $46  for non-members. Order the workbooks through the NAfME store.

The workbooks were discussed at length at NAfME’s recent Assessment and Evaluation  preconference in Nashville, Tennessee. 


Roz Fehr, NAfME Managing Editor for News, Novemeber 8, 2013. © National Association for Music Education