Be Heard! Your Voice Matters


Tell the U.S. Department of Education what you want in its proposed regulations on rating teacher preparation programs. Prevent a negative impact on music education programs, especially for future teachers hoping to work with underserved students. The comment period closes on February 2, 2015.


Rulemaking is an important part of the lawmaking process. It greatly affects how laws are implemented and, consequently, how they affect educators and other concerned parties. It also allows for the active participation of all concerned citizens.


 NAfME Advocacy staff has prepared a summary of the proposed regulations and their potential impact on music educator training programs, which you can read here. To read the proposed regulations in full, go the Federal Register online. To submit a comment, read these useful tips, and submit via the Federal Register proposed regs page by clicking “Submit a Formal Comment” (or read the instructions for other ways to comment).