During my time in high school, I was a member of Tri-M. My high school’s Tri-M chapter was just restarting. During my senior year, I became secretary of the chapter. I was a part of the movement to try to “rebuild” my school’s Tri-M. Along with other members, I helped elementary schools and middle schools set up their concerts. We also volunteered and/or participated at a marathon called “Miles for Music” which helps raise money to fund music programs in New Jersey. This marathon is something I volunteer at every year.

It was a pleasure to be a secretary of the music honor society. It gave me a chance to finally be in a leadership position. I am currently secretary of a club in college, and I will be running for secretary of the Student Government Association in that college next semester.

I am still, in some way shape or form, connected to music. I may not play my instrument in a band or an orchestra in college (because my instrument, the upright bass, is pricey and my college does not have a band or orchestra), I still go back to high school to teach the upright bass to students who want to learn it. I also go back to support the music program by going to high school concerts and local music festivals that music students from the high school I went to might compete in. A few months ago, I went to see my high school’s music talent competition for charity sponsored by their Tri-M. I recently went to the EHS Jazz Festival and saw some Tri-M students help set up the stage. It makes me happy to know that I grew as a person with my fellow Tri-M members.

Samantha Cheng, Tri-M Alumnus
Edison High School
Edison, NJ
Tri-M Advisor: Valentine Kuntz

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Published Date

March 23, 2023


  • Tri-M Honor Society


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