The time I spent in Tri-M: loving music and helping the local community with my peers: were the best 3 years of my life. The chapter that I was in was founded my sophomore year, and I was one of its original members. I served as secretary for two out of the three years of my membership. I loved being able to connect with people who love music and helping out the community, such as singing our choir arrangements while decorating a Christmas tree that was going to a family in need.

Tri-M helped me land my first job, as being a part of an honor society really shines through on a job application. Tri-M taught me how to be a leader without being rude. Tri-M showed me how to manage my time correctly and dedicate just the right amount of time to each part of my life. I loved being a part of Tri-M and I will continue to cherish my memories of it for as long as I live.

Janelle Schultz, Tri-M Alumnus
Mary Persons High School
Forsyth, Georgia
Tri-M Advisors: Charles Hernandez and Eric Thompson

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Published Date

March 23, 2023


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