Fall Concert Time, Already?



Fall is approaching! At this time of year, your rehearsals are well underway, and many of your ensembles are preparing for an upcoming Fall Concert. There are MANY themes to choose from, like seasons and nature, or maybe a theme of gratitude in response to a general season of harvest! How about finding songs of thanks, or maybe world folk music?

There are few things more frustrating to a music teacher than to feel like every program or every combination of pieces has been performed. Continue to challenge your students to step eagerly into new musical adventures, and continue to encourage and broaden the musical awareness of both the performers and the audience! Please feel free to use this post as a way to share YOUR ideas for a Fall Concert with other music educators!



One NAfME Member’s List of Reminders for Concert Audiences



The Process of Repertoire Selection

  • Decide upon a general theme of your concert. Will it be a traditional theme with pieces from one or several historical eras? Will it be all fun music such as music from musicals, Disney, or pop music?
  • Be prepared by choosing more than one option in case you can’t find enough music to fit your theme.
  • Investigate several resource, such as the NAfME ‘My Music Class’ site. Some sites have audio clips for previewing. Choose music that will be appropriate for your group’s ability.
  • Order one copy of each choice and preview. When you have received the music, play through and analyze each piece for appropriateness of vocal range and level of difficulty. Make definite decisions and order enough copies for your ensemble members. Please don’t photocopy!
  • Now you’re ready to plan rehearsals, prepare the ensemble, and design your program!


What is NAfME’s ‘My Music Class’?

My Music Class® is an online idea center and lesson plan library, filled with standards-aligned teaching ideas and resources, exclusively for NAfME members. You can search by type of ensemble (Band, Chorus, General Music etc.), grade level (Pre-K through College/University and even Administrator), and even by the Standards topic you’d like to include, such as improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments, or understanding music in relation to history and culture!

Learn More about NAfME’s My Music Class:

Read about Concert Etiquette, in the piece “Concert Etiquette is For Everyone!”

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Help other Music Educators by sharing YOUR ideas in the comment section below!

  • What theme are YOUR ensembles performing for your Fall Concert?


  • What tools do YOU find helpful when you’re planning a school performance?



Happy Performing!


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