Fingerboard to Sounding Board to Classroom Board

String players know that navigating the fingerboard can be a challenge. You must be able to use your ear, place your finger in the correct position, and be prepared to make the appropriate shifts. The same applies to your career. Make sure you are using the available resources to help you in whatever your situation may be. Sometimes you need additional motivation, sometimes you need a new idea or advice, and sometimes you just want someone to listen.

Sounding Board
First things first. Ask for advice. Talk to your colleagues. Face to face is the best but in this day and age that’s not always an option. Many Web sites, including MENC’s, have discussion forums where you can post your questions and seek advice. Here are the hot topics right now on the MENC orchestra forum:

Classroom Board
MENC has just added a new feature to My Music Class, our online database of standards-aligned lesson plans authored by MENC members and partners. Check out the new Teaching Tips section. You can view tips and post your own. Here are just a sampling of the Teaching Tips already online:

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— Nicole Springer. February 12, 2009. © National Association for Music Education.