Got Your Mobile? You’ve Got NAfME Journals!

NAfME members can now access four of their professional journals from their mobile devices (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, tablet, etc.). Included are

  • Music Educators Journal
  • Update: Applications of Research in Music Education
  • Journal of Music Teacher Education
  • General Music Today

 If you already subscribe to the Journal of Research in Music Education (JRME), it is also accessible via mobile technology. (To subscribe to JRME for an additional subscription fee of $50/year beyond your NAfME membership dues, contact NAfME Members Services at 800-336-3768.)

 Members can log into NAfME’s website and access the journals as they normally would. The system mirrors access via any PC, except that users are routed to a mobile site. 

 For technical assistance, contact Allison Leung at SAGE Publications at For more information about NAfME publications, visit the NAfME website at

–Ella Wilcox, September 13, 2012,  © National Association for Music Education (