Council of Past National Presidents

The Council of Past National Presidents supports NAfME and the profession of music education so that all students may receive a balanced, comprehensive and sequential education in music, which will prepare them for lifelong and informed experiences with music.

Chair 2022-2024:
Kathleen D. Sanz

Council Members and President’s Term Served:

Paul R. Lehman (1984-1986)

Karl J. Glenn (1990-1992)

Carolynn A. Lindeman (1996-1998)

Mel Clayton (2000-2002)

Willie L. Hill, Jr. (2002-2004)

David E. Circle (2004-2006)

Lynn M. Brinckmeyer (2006-2008)

Barbara L. Geer (2008-2010)

Scott C. Shuler (2010-2012)

Nancy Ditmer (2012-2014)

Glenn Nierman (2014-2016)

Denese Odegaard (2016-2018)

Kathleen D. Sanz (2018-2020)

Mackie V. Spradley (2020-2022)

Council Members

Kathleen D. Sanz, chair
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