Helping Your Music Students Get a Strong Start on Their Higher Education

myCollegeOptions® – Helping Your Music Students
Get a Strong Start on Their Higher Education


High school music educators: Keep an eye out for a specialized package hitting your mailboxes this month.

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Please make sure you look for a package of materials with the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) logo in order to receive information and resources relevant to you and your students. This package contains a form for you and each of your students to complete.

Participation in this program is completely voluntary and is provided at no cost to you, your school, your students or their families. We encourage you to please distribute the forms to your high school students and return them by October 19. 

This NAfME marked package is important for a number of reasons:

  • Only this package has unique questions pertinent to your teaching area.
  • Student privacy is ensured.  No student information will be used or sold for non-educational purposes.
  • The information obtained from these forms will provide valuable information for the music education profession.
  • Students who participate will receive personalized information from myCollegeOptions®, the nation’s largest college planning program, connecting them to more than 5,500 colleges and universities to help them begin planning for their future education and careers.
  • Educators will receive personalized reports:
    • College Match Reports for each of your students who participate – These reports provide declared schools, school matches and scholarship matches for your students.
    • A High School Teacher Report – This report provides valuable information on how your class compares with others in the country based on their survey responses.

Questions? Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for answers to your inquiries about myCollegeOptions®, including deadlines, student questions, and more. Send further inquiries to