I Heard That! Listening to Classical Music—a Video Resource

Peer teaching is an effective strategy for the music classroom.  The Virginia Chamber Orchestra (VCO) has made a video, “I Heard That! Listening to Classical Music,” that uses students to introduce and discuss composers such as Mozart, Haydn, and Bach to younger students.

The VCO website has the streaming video and a student activities guide for “I Heard That!”  Through the video, students

  • are introduced to Mozart, Haydn and Bach
  • learn about the use of accents in music
  • learn the difference between major and minor scales
  • hear excerpts from major works played by VCO

NAfME member Debra Lindsay says, “The VCO has provided a valuable resource for elementary/middle school general music and strings teachers.”


Find the “I Heard That! Listening to Classical Music” video and activities guide on the VCO website, along with streaming video and activities for these other educational programs:

  • “The Musical Side of Thomas Jefferson”
  • “Wonders of Geography: A Musical Atlas of America”
  • “History Notes: The Music of Washington’s World”

Learn more about these videos in these posts on the NAfME website:

Additional lessons plans to accompany the VCO videos can be found in NAfME’s My Music Class (search on “Virginia Chamber Orchestra”).

Debra Lindsay teaches general music, chorus and drama at Crestwood Elementary School in Springfield, Virginia.

Lisa Thompson, © 2013, National Association for Music Education