In Memoriam: MENC Acknowledges Member Deaths in 2008

MENC is notified of deaths of members throughout the year through state music educators associations, family members and other sources. The list will be updated as association staff learns of member deaths. MENC acknowledges these members for their years of service to the profession of music education.

Doug Burton, a 49-year member, Poway
Steve Connolly, Cloverdale
Lovell Johnson, Kingsbury
Kathryn K. North, 65 years, La Jolla
Deborah A. Reinhardt, Chico

Troy C. Henson, 10-year member, Flowery Branch
Nellie Stokes, 11 years, Decatur

Annette Cooper, 17 years, Aurora
John H. Pearce, 43-year life member, Naperville

Thomas P. McCarthy, five years, Terre Haute

August Knoll, 42 years, Wheatland

Jerry Ramsey, 32 years, Wichita

Alycia Davis, 22 years, St. Charles

New Hampshire
Robert Tobin, 25 years, Lancaster

New Jersey
James Truscello, 56 years, Monroe Township

New Mexico
Caroline Evans, 3 years, Santa Rosa
Gregg Randall, 63 years, Las Cruces

New York
Robert Berk, 57 years, Wantagh
Karen Lucas, five years, Geneva
John Mikulski, 13 years, Oakfield
James Steeves, 15 years, Kingston
Bonnie W. Tennant, 38 years, Auburn
Linda Wagner, 11 years, Burnt Hills

Nick Coulles, 17 years, Kettering
Jay Hall, 49 years, Marion
Stuart Ling, 59 years, Wooster, Ohio Music Educators Association President, 1980-82
William Jack McBride, lifetime member, 58 years, Findlay
Dean Allen Stitz, 54 years, West Milton


Barner S. Swartz, 60 years, Millerstown
Christopher Wasylyshyn, 30 years, Punxsutawney

T. Earl Hinton, Murfreesboro, president of the Tennessee Music Educators Association 1978-80 and MENC Southern Division President, 1988-1990.

Elizabeth H. Dabczynski, 60 years, Provo
Kenneth Kuchler, 58 years, Salt Lake City

Leigh Lamphere, nine years, Morrisville

Mildred Trevvett, life member, 61 years, Richmond

Coyne Burnett, Ellensburg, Washington, MENC Northwest Division President Conference from 1979–1981
Melvin Kornmeyer, 59 years, Spokane
Randall Rockhill, a 65-year member who was president of the Washington Music Educators Association from 1958–1960 and MENC Northwest Division President from 1963–65, Renton
Mark Williams, 15 years, Bellingham