Interested in Having Your School Chorus Featured in the 2012 World’s Largest Concert? Start Brainstorming Now!

Many members have asked MENC how their school ensemble can be included in the 2012 World’s Largest Concert®. The summer months are a great time to start planning student performance proposals to submit. Proposals are due to MENC by September 26, 2011.

Most of all, MENC seeks creativity and variety in the student performance proposals, though many factors contribute to a student group being selected for a performance in the World’s Largest Concert.

The factors MENC considers are:

• Performance location—indoors, outdoors, gym, historic location, etc.
• Special costumes, scenery, use of instruments and choreography.
• Anything unique about the school, performing ensemble, geographic area, etc. that may further illuminate the song being performed.

Look for the Student Performance Proposal Guidelines and the proposal form for important information.

The 2012 WLC song list, rehearsal tracks, and lesson plans will be posted on the MENC website by late summer in plenty of time to choose a song or songs and include on the performance proposal.

For additional questions, contact Susan Lambert, or at 800-336-3768, ext. 311.

Roz Fehr, June 3, 2011 © MENC: The National Association for Music Education