Jazz for Strings Poll Results

Jazz Appreciation Month may come and go but that doesn’t mean your attention to jazz must wane. 120 of your peers participated in the 2009 Jazz for Strings poll below and here are the results. What can you conclude from these findings? Next week’s article will pose some of the challenges and present recommendations for incorporating jazz into your string curriculum.

In the past school year, how many times have you incorporated jazz repertoire into your string concert programming?

0 times (30%)
1 time (28%)
2 times (28%)
3 times (5%)
4 times (2%)
5 or more times (8%)

In the past school year, have you incorporated jazz education (such as improvisation, technique, and learning about jazz history and artists) into your string curriculum?

YES (62%)
NO (38%)

How important do you think it is to incorporate jazz into the string curriculum?

Very Important (33%)
Important (35%)
Slightly Important (27%)
Not Important (6%)

Poll Follow Up

— Nicole Springer, May 6, 2009. © National Association for Music Education.