Legislative Memo: Use Music in Our Schools Month® as an Advocacy Opportunity

   The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) spotlights the importance of music education year-round, but, especially during the annual celebration of Music In Our Schools Month® (MIOSM®). In March, schools and communities around the country will participate in activities and initiatives to raise awareness of the benefits of learning music and the ways music empowers and enriches lives.  The 2013 theme is “Music Education – Orchestrating Success”.  The NAfME Advocacy Team  produced a webinar that outlines many of the ways music educators, students and others can shine a March spotlight on the many benefits of music education. View the webinar.  Music programs nationwide are in danger. State and local legislators are attempting to make up for funding shortfalls in this difficult economy by cutting education budgets, which can place school music at risk. Advocacy takes place on many fronts, and advocates for music education need to learn to speak to different audiences, each of which has a key contribution to make.  In March 2013, use MIOSM to get involved and do your part to ensure that America’s students have access to a comprehensive, sequential music education taught by exemplary music educators! Here are a few ideas:

Overview of MIOSM Activities


 Visit the MIOSM page for a look at Music In Our Schools Month  programs and opportunities. At this site you’ll find information about


 Share Your Story

  In the Share Your Story project, NAfME asks music educators, music students, music parents, and friends of music education to share personal experiences. So far NAfME has collected more than 300 stories on the way to a goal of 1,000. Every music program is important and every music teacher, parent, administrator, and student makes a difference.  Sharing stories shares the importance of the music education profession.  Learn how to share your story or email to  NAfME  and the Association will work with state and national music education leaders to share submissions with elected officials throughout the United States.  In addition to sharing with NAfME, share your story with at least one other person in March. Consider sharing your story by …


The Concert for Music In Our Schools Month

This annual concert is a highlight of Music In Our Schools Month®, the title “Concert for Music In Our Schools Month” reflects the Concert’s place in NAfME’s annual month long celebration of school music. Highlights include:  Songs that include guitar, percussion, and violin/fiddle, and that appeal to students K–12.

  • “The Power of Music” is a student-composed song with an advocacy theme.
  • Song performances available to all NAfME members on the NAfME website without charge!

  The songs in this year’s concert are

  • “Alleluia! Jubilate!”
  • “Cripple Creek”
  • “Peace Drum Song”
  • “The Power of Music”
  • “The Star-Spangled Banner”
  • “Why We Sing.”

  Additional Concert Information Roz Fehr, NAfME managing editor for news, February 19, 2013. © National Association for Music Education (NAfME.org)