Looking for some "spooktacular" Halloween songs and activities to use with your music students? Use these if you dare!

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Halloween is right around the corner! We’ve put together a few classroom ideas, links to free piano sheet music, and even boomwhacker activities for you to use with your music students! Share your Halloween music and activity suggestions on Amplify, and be sure to share pictures of your Halloween-themed classrooms with us on Pinterest

This classroom idea is from Amy Abbott, a music educator in Colorado. Check out her website, Music a la Abbott!


Click here for Free Halloween Piano Sheet Music!



The first game is Trick or Treat.  Print off the Pumpkin Rhythm Cards, and place in a Halloween candy bucket.  If the student picks a rhythm, it is a “trick” and they must clap it correctly.  If they draw out a pumpkin that is says “treat” they get to pick a treat from the candy stash.





The next game is Candy Corn Note Match. Cut apart all of the sections, and have the students match up the note on the staff, note on the keyboard, and letter name. This can be done individually or in groups, and can be competitive or not in nature.

candy corn

candy corn




Next is a fun worksheet that contains various Halloween phrases and a rhythm box. Students have to match the correct rhythm to each phrase. You can make this worksheet as long or short as you want. I give prizes to those who have the most answers correct. By doing this activity, students must be able to identify various rhythm combinations and use their listening skills to match them to the phrases. For example, quarter notes will be used for one syllable words and eighth notes will be used for two syllable words.



This is a Halloween poem written by Sharon Falk that incorporates various dynamic changes. It starts off very soft and each line gets louder as your students read. Students should pat a steady beat on their laps as they recite the poem aloud as a class. (A drum may also be used for this) The dynamic markings are indicated on the handouts.







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