Make Your Ukulele Teaching Journey a Little Easier

Make Your Ukulele Teaching Journey a Little Easier

Bring Ukulele into Your Music Classroom

By Katie Pistilli, sponsored by Uku Global

Welcome to the Music Educator’s Portal!

Teachers, this resource is for you. Uku knows that teachers are busy. Especially now with the challenges of virtual teaching on your plate, we hope that this portal can make your ukulele teaching journey a little easier. Our Educator’s portal aims to provide you with a FREE ukulele curriculum and video resources to use in your classroom. 

Grab a Digital Copy of the Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele

Uku Global’s Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele was created to be used as a free resource for beginners and teachers alike. Over the past year, the Guide has been highly reviewed and praised from the US, to Australia, and the UK for being practical, clear, and precise. We want to share this invaluable resource with you to use and supplement your teaching with!

make your ukulele teaching of young students a little easier
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The Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele follows a 10-step process proven to get students strumming their favorite songs.

  • Step 1: Posture and Position 
  • Step 2: RH/LH Coordination 
  • Step 3: Tuning 
  • Step 4: Fingering Chords 
  • Step 5: Your First Song
  • Step 6: Two Chord Songs 
  • Step 7: Three Chord Songs 
  • Step 8: Popular Strum Patterns 
  • Step 9: New Chords 
  • Step 10: Songs

In addition to the 10 steps, the Happy Helpful Guide provides appendices of categorized song lists, extensive chord diagrams, and more playing tips!

First, apply to gain access to our Educator’s portal, and our team will approve your application within 48 hours. Then, head on over to the “For Educators” tab at the top of our page. Or, click HERE. 

Watch How-to-Play Videos

We created 10 videos to accompany the 10 steps of the Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele. From Step 1: Posture and Position to Step 10: Songs and everything in between. Strumming, switching between chords, right-hand/left-hand coordination, and tuning are all skills addressed in these steps. We now have the videos on our portal, ready to watch! Use the videos exclusively to teach, or give your students a little extra practice. 

Between the Guide and the videos, we hope to support your classroom both virtually and in-person.

Ukuleles for Your Classroom

We want to make it easy for you to get the instruments you need and spread as much ukulele happiness as possible. The same high-quality Uku ukuleles that you see in the store are available for music educators at rates over 50% less cost. To view our entire inventory at educator pricing, simply apply, and we will have your login ready within 48 hours! 

Click here to read commonly asked FAQ’s about the portal. 

The Uku team is excited to support as many music education programs as we can. If you have any questions in the process, please reach out to one of our education coordinators, and we will get back to you! Contact us at

Start your journey by applying to gain access to the portal HERE.

About the author: 

Katie Pistilli Uku GlobalUku’s Educational Outreach Coordinator Katie Pistilli is a ukulele enthusiast who is passionate about increasing access to music education and the ukulele. In addition to spreading happiness with the ukulele, Katie is a board-certified music therapist working in a special education setting. While editing the Happy Helpful Guide to the Ukulele, Katie combined her knowledge of music education with the perspective of a music therapist to ensure the Guide addresses the learning styles of learners from diverse backgrounds. 

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