Math + Music = Enriched Learning

Music + Math = Enriched LearningMany math concepts relate directly to music concepts. Learning them together can boost learning for both. MENC member Karin Nolan found herself modifying song lyrics and lesson plans she found. She wanted activities that truly integrated two or more curricular areas, so she designed them herself. Try her lesson plan for pattern recognition in MENC’s My Music Class. Karin reports, “This lesson has been incredibly successful and has worked as well with fifth graders as it did with kindergarteners. I was able to expose my students to musical notation and rhythms in a creative way, while reinforcing concepts students were learning in math. An added bonus? The lesson plan also addresses Gardner’s multiple intelligences.

An arts-integration specialist, Karin collaborates with other teachers to learn what they’ll be covering in class. She then creates musical ways to teach those concepts, designing her lesson plans around state and national standards.

Karin Nolan teaches music in the public school system in Tucson, AZ, and teaches music foundation and education courses at the University of Arizona. She has written a book of ready-to-use lesson plans called Musi-matics! which is in publication.

— Linda Brown, April 15, 2008, © ational Association for Music Education (