Dr. Michelle S. McConkey is an associate professor of music education at California State University in Chico, California. Michelle received her doctorate degree from Arizona State University in Music Education. She completed a Master of Music degree at Brigham Young University in Music Education where she co-conducted the University Chorale. Michelle also completed a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from the Crane School of Music. She has completed Kodàly certification (levels I, II, and III), and has presented workshops and research sessions at various state and national conferences as well as local school districts.  

Dr. McConkey has taught for over 20 years, including nine years in public and private schools as a general music specialist in New York State, Utah, and Arizona, and as an instructor and director for a local children’s choir. Currently she continues to work with children as part of a partnership between the local school district and the University. Michelle’s research interest includes the health and wellness of undergraduate music education students, the relationship between music and the emotional development of children, and the music teacher’s role in that development as an emotional model. She has emerged as a leading researcher and notable author on music education and Social Emotional Learning. She is the author of Social Emotional Learning for the Pre-service and In-service Music Teacher: Your Wellbeing Matters. (2023)


On my office wall, I have the saying: Music touches feelings that words can not. It’s the melody of the heart and the voice of the spirit. Music has a healing power. When we connect with music, and allow it into our hearts, our lives can be changed forever.”

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