Teacher/Faculty Membership


Who is eligible?

This membership, also known as Active membership, is open to individuals who are engaged in music teaching, supervision or administration as a primary career. 

music teacher
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How do I benefit?

  • Advocacy resources available 24-7 to build community support for your music program
  • Combined membership in NAfME and your local federated music education association.
  • Subscriptions to Teaching Music magazine, Music Educators Journal, and federated music education association journals. 
  • Exclusive access to student auditions and performance opportunities at the local, state, and national levels
  • Free online lesson plans, sheet music and audio tracks through My Music Class® 
  • Members-only discounts for state and national conferences and NAfME publications
  • Access to our affordable online professional development platform, NAfME Academy
  • Copyright information center
  • Composition contests for your students
  • Special insurance rates available through Forrest T. Jones

And more!


So, what does it cost?

When you join NAfME, you also join your state music educators association.  Search this list for your state association and the membership fee.

Are you a first-year teacher who was a NAfME Collegiate member last year? Learn about the first-year teacher discount.

Is your spouse already a member?  Join today at a reduced rate!

Ready to join? Do it now!

Questions about your membership or renewal? Call Member Services at 800-336-3768 or email memberservices@nafme.org.

To learn more about the benefits of membership, take the Member Tour.


  • Tab Ash

    Can I renew my membership through the mail? My school is paying for the membership out of our music fund. But, I cannot use a school check if I am renewing online.

  • Tamra Rouse Sutton

    I am trying to go from a collegiate membership to a first year teacher membership. I can not seem to find where I am supposed to go to do that. Also, does the first year teacher benifits match that of the the regular membership. I have students ready to audition for Honors Choir. Help!

  • Hello, April, please contact Member Services at memberservices@nafme.org or 1-800-336-3768, and they can let you know what your state’s membership is, which also gives you national membership.

  • Chris Messina

    This is really annoying. Can someone please just post the price?? I just need to tell my superviser what it would cost. Thanks!

    • Chris, as noted above, it depends on the state where you are employed. See the link above to find your state’s music education association: https://nafme.org/about/federated-state-associations/#/storefront. For example, if you are in OH, when you click on Ohio on the map from this link, the prices are listed as:
      Active: $47.00
      Spousal: $44.00
      Life: $44.00
      Retired: $14.00
      Retired Spousal: $13.00
      Retired Life: $13.00
      Collegiate: $11.00
      Intro Active: $24.00

      If you have further questions please contact Member Services at 1-800-336-3768 or memberservices@nafme.org.

  • Hello, to confirm the price of your membership by state, or if you have any questions about your renewal or membership, please reach out to Member Services during business hours, 8AM – 4:30PM ET, and they will be happy to assist: memberservices@nafme.org or 800-336-3768.

  • Alexis Kivi

    Dear “Nafme”,
    I can’t find a membership price for Germany – does anybody know the rate for Germany? When I click on “international” (above the list of US states), the side is not reacting at the moment. Greetings from Berlin! 🙂

    • Hello, Alexis, for confirmation of the membership fee for the European Music Education Association, please contact Member Services at 800-336-3768 or memberservices@nafme.org.