MENC Announces Division President-Elect Results

MENC members in the Southern, North Central, and Western Divisions elected music educators who will take on the role of president-elect for the next two years. They assume the office of division president for the 2010-2012 term.

Southern Division members chose Benny Ferguson as president-elect. He is director of visual and performing arts in the Savannah-Chatham County (Georgia) Public Schools. He is also immediate past president of the Georgia Music Educators Association. “We must make every effort to be certain that all administrators and politicians who make decisions affecting music education know the value of what we do as music educators, and the value of a good musical education for all students,” Ferguson said in his election statement.

String teacher Denese Odegaard from the Fargo, North Dakota Public Schools was elected president-elect of the North Central Division. A former NDMEA president, Odegaard said, “We need to be proactive and not reactive regarding the state of music education in our own states and communities, staying one step ahead of decisions being made regarding music education.”

In his election statement, Jeffrey E. Bush discussed the issue of music educator recruitment and retention. He is now president-elect of the Western Division. A former middle-and-high school band and general music teacher, he is associate director of the School of Music at Arizona State University. He is also a former Arizona MEA president. “While working on ‘big’ picture issues, MENC needs to maintain its relevance for individual members and respond to their concerns,” Bush said in a campaign statement.

Taking office July 1 for 2008-2010 division presidential terms are Kathleen D. Sanz, Southern Division, Glenn Nierman, North Central Division and Martha Damon O’Neil, Western Division.
For additional biographical information on the officers, visit the News Stand in May.

Roz Fehr, April 4, 2008, © MENC: The National Association for Music Education