MENC Calls Members to Action Over National Funding Crisis

March 5, 2011 UPDATE: Senator Inouye of Hawaii has filed a new 7-month continuing resolution that would maintain Arts in Education funding for the immediate future.  Given this development, it is critical that MENC members continue to contact their elected officials, by phone, e-mail, personal letter, or visit, and urge them to support legislation which does not cut from the arts.

On February 28, MENC Executive Director Michael Butera issued a statement urging MENC members to take action in response to Continuing Resolution H.R. 1, which proposes drastic spending cuts to over 70 education programs and all Arts in Education programming, specifically.

“Funding must remain available to music programs in all appropriate ESEA-authorized programs, particularly in Titles I and II,” said Butera.

MENC members can find resources to take action, including Butera’s video message, related resources and links, and information on MENC’s special March 3 Webinar at Music Education and the National Funding Crisis.

–Elizabeth Lasko, March 1, 2011