MENC Staff Bids Farewell to John Mahlmann

On April 30, MENC staff honored outgoing Executive Director John Mahlmann for his many years of service to MENC and the music education profession. Members of Mahlmann’s family, former MENC staff, and Michael Butera, MENC’s new executive director as of May 1, also attended the event at the National Center for Music Education. The MENC staff Recorder Ensemble performed, and other staff members performed parody songs with piano/harmonica and guitar accompaniment. A highlight was a performance by Malmann’s granddaughter Samantha on violin.

John Mahlmann shares a moment with granddaughter Samantha.

Mahlmann enjoys a staff performance.

Mahlmann passes the “baton” to Michael Butera.

Mahlmann and his wife Ning-Ning, “the other Dr. Mahlmann.”

MENC Sr. Deputy Executive Director Mike Blakeslee performs a special
song, “Nobody Knows You When You’re Up and Out.”

MENC staff members perform “Thanks for the Years, John Mahlmann”
to the tune of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.”

The MENC staff Recorder Ensemble performed a selection of songs, including
the Peruvian melody “Farewell.”

Photos by Becky Spray

Elizabeth Lasko, May 5, 2010. © MENC: The National Association for Music Education