MENC Teachers Test Nintendo Wii Music™ in the Classroom

MENC and Nintendo are collaborating in an ongoing program to introduce Wii Music™ into school music programs and curriculum. The Nintendo Wii Music program is intended to enhance the overall experience of the students and their appreciation for music. MENC and Nintendo have worked together to select 70 MENC members representing all 50 states in all grade levels and curriculum areas to participate in this program. These teachers will provide their feedback in a survey (results will be made available to all members), and are also invited to post original lesson plans in My Music Class.

This week Nintendo offers more music teachers an up-close, interactive look at Wii Music during the  MENC North Central Division Conference, held Jan. 23-24 in Indianapolis, IN. Attendees will enjoy live demonstrations of Wii Music and learn how its engaging mix of instruments, music tutorials, and wireless jam sessions can inspire students of all ages to create and enjoy music while learning about rhythm, tempo and song structure. Demonstrations are also scheduled at the MENC Eastern Division Conference (March 12-14, Providence, RI).

For more information about MENC’s collaboration with Wii Music, read the press release. For more information about Wii Music, visit the Wii Music Web site.

— Elizabeth Lasko, January 22, 2009. © MENC: The National Association for Music Education