Music Education Advocates Encouraged to Join STEM Conversation

On Friday, May 16, 2014, from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM EDT, Politico Pro Education will host a Twitter Chat about STEM education, presented by PhRMA. According to their announcement, Politico Pro’s Education Team will conduct a “Twitter chat about STEM education, the shift from STEM classes to vocational and technical courses, and how schools can inspire children to get on a path to become scientists and engineers.” Politico Pro is asking people to tweet their questions using the hashtag #ProChat for real-time responses.

We believe education policymakers and proponents need to broaden the scope of emphasis and encourage music education as a core class as well to meet our students’ 21st century learning needs. Broader MindedTM spells out the invaluable benefits of music education for all students.

To that end, we encourage you, as music educators, students, parents, and proponents, to join the Twitter Chat and ask questions about moving STEM to STEAM. STEAM adds music and arts as core classes, as well as helping STEM teachers bring these concepts into their classrooms; this means we will be reaching more students with a more whole approach to education.

Add your voice and call for STEM to be #BroaderMinded!

A few suggested tweets:

It’s time for #STEM to become #STEAM, our students need music and the arts! #edchat #ProChat

#ProChat Have you been following the #STEMtoSTEAM movement? #edchat

What roles do creativity and communication play for someone in a #STEM workforce? #STEMtoSTEAM #ProChat

Students don’t compartmentalize. They combine disciplines including music education and math/tech. Don’t limit them. #ProChat #edchat #STEM

Music classes foster a unique blend of shared leadership, where students must work in harmony. #ProChat #STEM #edchat

You might also Tweet directly to Politico Pro moderators:

  • Allie Grasgreen @alliegrasgreen
  • Maggie Severns @MaggieSeverns
  • Stephanie Simon @StephanieSimon_

Students aren’t standardized—let’s think beyond the bubblesTM!

Tanya Lewis, “Thunderclap allows users to amplify messages across social channels,” PR Week, 20 October 2014.

Catherina Hurlburt, Special Assistant, May 15, 2014. © National Association for Music Education (