NAfME Applauds Association Leaders Who Voiced Opposition to Lansing, Michigan Music Teacher Cuts

The NAfME advocacy team would like to extend its sincerest thanks to the NAfME leaders from across the United States who wrote to the superintendent of Lansing’s public schools regarding the elimination music teacher positions.

The success of this response depended on the participation of many of our colleagues in Michigan, including Cory Micheel-Mays and his team at the Michigan Music Education Association, as well as Mitch Robinson and other members of Michigan State University’s College of Music.The willingness of these members to support their colleagues and students of Lansing is admirable.

As a result of your efforts as well as those of other leaders, The Greater Arts Council of Lansing released a statement to oppose the superintendent’s plan.  We believe this is a significant step forward.  Thanks to all who continue to raise their voices to support music education!