NAfME Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

music education

NAfME adheres closely to the ideal of fostering inclusion, diversity, and equity. Our stated mission is “to advance music education by promoting the understanding and making of music by all” – with an emphasis on “all.” And among five values of our Association, we list “Inclusion and Equity,” which we define as “Building strength and promoting diversity in a profession representing the wide spectrum of people and cultures, abilities, economic backgrounds, and gender identities.”

In some recent conversations and electronic exchanges, this value seems to have been questioned. NAfME stands firmly behind its mission and values.

As an association, we continue to engage the research community, strategic partners, and government agencies to address inequities in access to music education – both for students wishing to study music and aspiring professionals wishing to teach music. We encourage any and all interested parties and organizations to join us in ensuring that all children have educational opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential.