NAfME Preconference and its Solutions Music Group Will Help Make Sense of the New National Music Standards

On October 25th and 26th, NAfME will present a “Standards, Assessment, & Evaluation Preconference” at its 2014 National In-Service Conference at the Gaylord Opryland and Resort in Nashville Tennessee.

The Preconference will explore the ways the new Standards differ from the 1994 standards, including the ways that they serve music education in the era of Common Core State Standards, and the implications of the Standards for student assessment and teacher evaluation.

Sessions will look at the development of the Standards as well as the practical rollout of Standards tools and the political context of the tools.

The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards released the new National Core Music Standards in June. The new Standards replace the 1994 Standards, and represent a definite shift in the ways that music educators’ approach to improving each student’s music education experience.

The new voluntary Music Standards give educators with a framework for delivering the long-established benefits of music education in both new and traditional ways. They are by design open to a variety of approaches, in a way that is distinct from the potent mix of Common Core State Standards and standardized testing, which has been widely criticized for narrowing student-learning opportunities.

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Mike Blakeslee, NAfME Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, says that some teaching methods will not change. “If you want teach your students how to play a chord on the guitar, you will do it the same way,” adding, “The Standards give a new way to focus on the big ideas of music.”

The preconference will demonstrate how to implement those big ideas.

 An overview of the broader National Core Arts Standards, prepared by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards, is online at, while the National Core Music Standards can be found at


Solutions Music Group Offers Unique Expertise for Your Music Program

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Solutions Music Group (SMG) leverages over 100 years of experience in advancing music education through National Association for Music Education (NAfME). We build on this reputation to improve music education programs, as well as other traditional and non-traditional art education programs. We will tailor our unique expertise to your school’s music program, which will help set a precedent that both teachers and students can strive for.


Just like you, we understand that music programs require more than just a set of goals. We want to establish world-class music education that your community, schools, teachers, and students can all be proud of. SMG does more than just tell you what to do. We will collaborate with teachers to revitalize outdated programs, and bring them into the future of music education. Visit for more information.

Some of the areas we can provide support in:

•          Raising the Standards

•          Enhancing your Curriculum

•          Assessing student performance

•          Making time for Professional Development

•          Advocating for change

•          Helping your community  

With such impressive and diverse backgrounds supervising programs on both state and local levels, NAfME’s network of highly-trained accomplished professionals bring expertise in every aspect of traditional and performing arts to the classroom.

They are committed to finding structural solutions for today’s classroom issues. Additionally, many of our specialists helped write the new National Standards, so they know what it takes to hit all the high notes. For more information on the current roster of experts, please go to