NAfME Preconference in Nashville Explores Complex Evaluation, Assessment Issues


Doug Orzolek (left) and Scott C. Shuler were among Saturday's presenters.
Doug Orzolek (left) and Scott C. Shuler were among Saturday’s presenters.


On October 26, music teachers, fine arts supervisors and college professors gathered in Nashville to discuss a pressing topic: how teachers can assess the work of students and teachers themselves can be evaluated fairly.

Music teachers , school district fine arts supervisors an college professors made up the list of attendees.

The Preconference is being held conjunction with the 2013 NAfME National In-Service conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  Glenn Nierman, president-elect of the National Association for Music Education said the Association’s focus on teacher evaluations said “It’s really about  helping teacher to do a better job of helping teachers to learn.”

To that end, the first day of the preconference looked the issue from a variety of angles:

  • The U.S. Department of Education’s  Race to the Top  Hard to Measurement program
  • Research Issues and Trends in teacher evaluations
  • Using technology to evaluate student
  • A look at a Tennessee state law ties 35 percent of a teacher’s score to student achievement
  • Common Core Standards and music literac
  • Reimagined Standard, Student Assessment and Teacher evaluations
  • Music Teacher Evaluation from a state perspective

NAfME has been addressing the teacher evaluation from a policy standpoint, lobbying lawmakers on teacher evaluation issues and also encouraging grassroots efforts to address the issue.

The Association, with the help of an Assessments task force headed up by  Nierman, has created  two workbooks:  the Workbook for Building and Evaluating Effective Music Education in the School Ensemble, and the Workbook for Building and Evaluating Effective Music Education in General Music. The Workbooks are available during the NAfME Resource Shop during the conference as well as the NAfME store. 

On the second day of the preconference, attendees participated in guided group exercises using the Workbooks.

Roz Fehr, NAfME Managing Editor for News, October 27, 2013. © National Association for Music Education