Nebraska Music Educators Association Celebrates 75th Anniversary

NMEA members met for the first time in 1937.

When members of the Nebraska Music Educators Association (NMEA) meet for their annual conference November 16–18 in Lincoln, they will celebrate their 75th anniversary with fanfares and a special program. NMEA is a federated state affiliate of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME).

Rex Barker, NMEA president, said: “As teachers and musicians we know it is important to celebrate. Without celebrations, there would be a lot less music and probably vice versa. The 75th Anniversary [of NMEA] gives us a chance to reflect on our history and appreciate the trails blazed by members of the past. They established the philosophies and guiding principles of our organization.  It always takes an extra effort to get things started, and we have all benefitted from their efforts.”

He added: “Our members over the years have amazing stories to tell of successes and challenges. We learn so much from each other by visiting with each other and sharing these stories in formal clinic sessions or informal gatherings.”

That sharing, Barker said, extends to relationships the state association has with clinicians and guest conductors who participate in NMEA conferences. “The opportunity to meet and share ideas is critical to the health and strength of our profession,” he said.

The NMEA president also said that through the anniversary celebrations, current and future NMEA members can learn more about the history of the organization but also “bring the ideas and questions that allow us to reflect on what we are doing and test our traditions against current trends and needs.”

Members of the Nebraska 1944 All-State Band pose for a photo.

Photos courtesy of NMEA.

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