What to Expect from Nevada’s GOP Caucus

With only a week away from Super Tuesday, Republicans in Nevada will have their turn to conduct their Caucus. Like Iowa, Republicans of Nevada conduct their caucus around a secret-ballot presidential preference vote. Delegates are then selected by the results of the caucus to attend county conventions, and contend for spots at the Republican National Convention in July. 30 delegates are at play in Nevada and are awarded based on the outcome of the preference vote.

Remaining Republican Candidates

Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump remain in the Republican race. Former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, is the latest Republican candidate to withdraw and has suspended his campaign after the results of the Republican South Carolina Primary. After big wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina, Donald Trump seeks his third primary win. While Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz hope to gain an upset in Nevada, Ohio Governor John Kasich continues to focus his efforts in the northern states participating in Super Tuesday.  The current delegate counts for the Republicans are below:

Donald Trump   67 Delegates
Ted Cruz 11 Delegates
Marco Rubio 10 Delegates
John Kasich 5 Delegates
Ben Carson 3 Delegates

What’s Next?

After Nevada, Republicans will participate in a debate on Thursday, February 25, hosted by CNN. On Saturday, February 27, Democrats will host their primary in South Carolina. Super Tuesday will occur on March 1. 

For primary results and a full schedule of upcoming debates and primaries, visit our Election Central, Decision 2016 page.

Ronny Lau, Legislative Policy Advisor, Center for Advocacy, Policy, and Constituency Engagement, February 23, 2016. © National Association for Music Education (NAfME.org)