Podcast Series Now Available for the Journal of Research in Music Education

Thanks to collaboration with global publisher SAGE Publications, you can now listen to podcasts of interviews of authors of a number of recent research articles from the Journal of Research in Music Education (JRME).

According to current JRME Editor Wendy L. Sims, this exciting project was spearheaded by JRME’s Associate Editor/Editor-Elect  Steven Morrison, who planned and conducted the interviews with production assistance from SAGE staff members. 

Each free Podcast  is posted on the Sage/JRME Podcast page.  JRME members can also use the “podcast button” on the JRME/SAGE homepage  Not a JRME member? Go to Join NAfME.

Podcasts also may be downloaded free via iTunes—search for SAGE Publications Podcasts in the iTunes store. 

 Check out some of the titles below:

J R M E | P O D C A S T | S E R I E S

The Journal of Research in Music Education (JRME) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal comprising reports of original research related to music teaching and learning. The wide range of topics includes various aspects of music pedagogy, history, and philosophy, and addresses vocal, instrumental, and general music at all levels, from early childhood through adult.

“It’s Like a Whole Bunch of Me!”: The Perceived Values and Benefits of the Seattle Girls’ Choir Experience | January 2013

Associate Editor Steve Morrison interviews Dr. Sarah Bartolome on the musical, social, and community benefits of the Seattle Girls’ Choir.

How They Decide: A Case Study Examining the Decision-Making Process for Keeping or Cutting Music in a K–12 Public School District | April 2013

 Dr. Marci Major expounds the research methods and findings featured in her article, “How They Decide,” in this generative conversation with Associate Editor Steve Morrison.

Is It the Music or Is It Selection Bias? A Nationwide Analysis of Music and Non-Music Students’ SAT Scores | July 2013

 Dr. Kenneth Elpus and Associate Editor Steve Morrison discuss the apparent interaction between academic achievement and music education.

Factors Related to Sight-Reading Accuracy: A Meta-Analysis | January 2014

 Associate Editor Steve Morrison and Dr. Jennifer Mishra tackle the question “Why do talented young musicians ‘simply fall apart’ when prompted to perform music at sight?”