Press Release: New Publication Offers 101 Tips for Teacher Success

Enhancing the Professional Practice of Music Teachers: 101 Tips That Principals Want Music Teachers to Know and Do Offers Timeless, Practical Advice

RESTON, VA (November 30, 2009)Enhancing the Professional Practice of Music Teachers: 101 Tips that Principals Want Music Teachers to Know and Do, a new book published by MENC: The National Association for Music Education and Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., is designed to assist music teachers (whether preservice or 20-year veterans) become the best they can be.

Author Paul Young, a graduate of the Ohio University School of Music, is a former music teacher and elementary school principal. He is currently the Executive Director of the West After School Center in Lancaster, Ohio, and an adjunct professor of music at Ohio University-Lancaster. “This book is for music teachers who want to improve their professional performance and set themselves apart from colleagues of any discipline in a school setting,” says Young, who will become Interim President and CEO of the National After School Association on December 31, 2009. He adds, “This book is designed to help music teachers, their programs, and their students become the best of the best.”

Rather than addressing research and theory about music education or the “how-tos” of teaching, these time-honored tips focus on common-sense qualities and standards of performance that are essential for success—everywhere. This advice applies to musicians in any setting, whether considering a career in music education, entering the first year of teaching, or nearing the end of a distinguished tenure. Affirming quality performance for experienced teachers and guiding, nurturing, and supporting the novice, Young outlines what great music teachers do.

101 Tips is written in an easy to read and straightforward style. It can be read from beginning to end or readers can focus on tips of interest, coming back time and again for encouragement, ideas, and affirmation of the choice to teach music.

“The study of music is vital to a well-rounded educational experience. Paul Young’s book of practice and ideas will help principals and their music teachers build strong relationships and increase professional learning capacities that lead to high-quality musical experiences for children and youth of all ages.”—Gail Connelly, executive director, National Association of Elementary School Principals

“Paul Young was a music teacher and a principal who also served as the president of the National Association of Elementary School Principals. He’s experienced the work of both audiences for this book. It’s packed with timeless, practical advice that will resonate with all professional musicians whether they teach in a classroom or perform in other venues.”—Sergeant Major Mitchell Spray, US Army

Enhancing the Professional Practice of Music Teachers: 101 Tips that Principals Want Music Teachers to Know and Do is available from RLE in paperback for $27.95 and clothbound for $70.00. MENC members receive a discount of 25%. To order or for more information, call 800-462-6420 or visit
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