Press Release: Singin', Sweatin', and Storytime Now Available from MENC

Singin’, Sweatin’, and Storytime Demonstrates that Combining Music, Physical Activity, and Reading Is Fun and Beneficial for Children

RESTON, VA (October 13, 2009)Singin’, Sweatin’, and Storytime: Literature-based Movement and Music for the Young Child, a new publication by Rebecca E. Hamik and Catherine M. Wilson and published by MENC: The National Association for Music Education and Rowman & Littlefield Education (RLE), provides a unique approach to the integration of music, literature, and physical education.

This new and innovative book combines literature, music, and movement to teach young children the joy and excitement of music, physical education, and reading. All lessons are based on the national music and physical education standards. Over 170 lesson plans are included.

Each lesson has a story for the teacher to read to the children, a music activity and a physical activity. Lessons include basic music and physical education skills as well as lessons that teach students about staying healthy, good character, citizenship, holidays, and world cultures. Each lesson takes approximately forty-five minutes to complete. Lessons in Units 1 and 4 are sequential. Other lessons can be taught in the order they appear or can be used as desired depending upon the school calendar. A resource list of all literature, equipment, and songs needed is provided. All songs, books, and equipment are very accessible. Adaptations for regular classroom teachers and assisting paraprofessionals are described.

“This book is ideal for integrating music, literature, and movement activities. It’s all in here! This is the perfect guide for any elementary school as it has been developed by elementary teachers. Usable and practical for immediate use.”—Don Gronemeyer, elementary school principal, Alcott Elementary School, Hastings, Nebraska

Rebecca E. Hamik is an adjunct physical education professor at Hastings College as well as a physical education teacher at Hastings public schools. Catherine M. Wilson is a music teacher for Hastings Public Schools.

Singin’, Sweatin’, and Storytime is available from RLE in paperback for $55.95 and clothbound for $95.00. MENC members receive a discount of 25%. To order or for more information, call 800-462-6420 or visit
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