NAfME Learning Center

The NAfME Learning Center is NAfME’s online learning management system for supporting the ongoing professional learning needs of music educators.  If you have already registered for a specific program such as the NAfME Academy (returning user), you can go directly to the Learning Center.  (You will need to log in using your NAfME username and password.)

Learn more below about program registration options and the Learning Center.

2019 concert band rehearsal
percussion instruments being played

Register for a Program

To gain access to items in the Learning Center, you first need to register for a program.

The NAfME Academy is a catalog of 150+ recorded webinars. Access is free for current members of NAfME. There is an annual subscription fee of $95 for nonmembers.

Starting in September 2023, registration for most NAfME webinars will be directly through NAfME’s website; program access for live events will be provided using Zoom via the Learning Center. (Note: some discussion-based town halls or other webinars will not be recorded or accessed through in the Learning Center.) You must register for each webinar separately.

NAfME Learning Center Basics

  • Track Your Progress: Once you are logged into the Learning Center, you will be able to view all courses/webinars that you have access to (have registered for or enrolled in). The NAfME Learning Center will track and note all the professional learning you have achieved. You can view your progress by clicking on the Dashboard in the Learning Center, and also see that information when you are logged into your NAfME membership profile.  Go to My Courses in the Learning Center to see the courses you enrolled in.


  • NAfME Academy: If you have registered for the NAfME Academy, you will be able to access it in the Learning Center, including searching for content by categories or key word search and self-enrolling in any webinar in the Academy that you like. Once you are enrolled in a webinar in the Academy, you can start and complete it at your own pace. The NAfME Learning Center will track your completion of each webinar. After watching a webinar, you will complete a professional development survey, then gain access to a certificate of completion.


  • Live Event NAfME Webinars: Whether you access the live event or recording of a NAfME webinar, the Learning Center will track your participation if the webinar or town hall is one that has contact hours; some discussion-based programs will not be recorded or offer contact hours. To earn a contact hour and get your certificate, you will need to watch the full webinar then complete a professional learning survey. Make sure to register for any NAfME webinar that you are interested in. If you register for a webinar, you will have access to it for one month. After that, most NAfME webinars will be moved to the NAfME Academy (see details above).


If you already registered for a program and logged into the NAfME Learning Center and are returning to continue accessing it, go directly to the Learning Center.  (You will need to log in using your NAfME username and password.)


If you have questions about registering for the NAfME Academy or the NAfME Learning Center, please contact