2021 Student Songwriters Competition

Student Songwriters competition

About the Competition

NAfME is seeking original music by student songwriters. Teachers and students are invited to submit original student songs for cash prizes. Prizes will be awarded to winners and honorable mentions.

Students in elementary school and secondary school are eligible to submit songs. Songs submitted that fall outside the competition guidelines will be adjudicated but will not be eligible for awards or for performance.  

Up to six selected composers will receive cash awards. All entrants will receive written evaluations of their compositions.

How to Apply

  • Applications are now closed
  • Applications closed April 9, 2021, 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time.
  • Click here for tips on lyric sheets.
  • Questions? Contact: Programs@nafme.org

2020 NAfME Student Songwriters Competition Winners


Tamara Yasin, “Who Am I?,” Madison, Wisconsin

  • Teacher, Alena Holmes
  • School, Randal Elementary School

Honorable Mention:

Isabella Blickenstaff, “Wouldn’t It,” Pasadena, Maryland

  • Teacher, Megan Louder
  • School, Chesapeake Bay Middle School

Elise Croyle, “I Wonder,” Snohomish, Washington

  • Teacher, Iris Ingram-Forbus
  • School, Valley View Middle School

Mercedes Grace Lee Ohlmeyer, “Imaginary Monsters,” Terrytown, Louisiana

  • Teacher, Elyse Ptak
  • School, Holy Name of Jesus School

High School

Esther Okai-Tetteh, “End of the Rope,” Nashville, Tennessee

  • Teacher, Elias Salazar
  • School, Ensworth High School

Honorable Mention:

Chole Borsody, “Icarus,” Gilroy, California

  • Teacher, Steve Potter
  • School, Oakwood School

Lourde Childs, “The Map,” Peoria, Arizona

  • Teacher, Regina Nixon
  • School, Sunrise Mountain High School

Elaina Clement, “Clay,” Elkhorn, Nebraska

  • Teacher, Molly Gonring
  • School, Elkhorn South High School

Calvin Hinds, “Clarisa Clover,” Mattawan, Michigan 

  • Teacher, Courtney Kaiser-Sandler
  • School, Interlochen Arts Academy

Analie Ingalsbe & Archie Lewis-Harris, “Touch,” Woodstock, New York

  • Teacher, Erica Boyer
  • School, Onteora High School