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“Solid Gold Sock Hop” Supports Music Education during Music in Our Schools Month®


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Special thanks to Ben Sandifer with “Solid Gold Sock Hop,” for supporting the National Association for Music Education’s annual celebration of Music in Our Schools Month®! Solid Gold Sock Hop is a weekly radio show-podcast all about the music of the golden years of top 40 radio.

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Ben talks about why music is important and what you can do to support your music programs. Listen below:


Here, Ben speaks with harmonica and saxophone player Jimmy Hall, front man for the band Wet Willie, about getting his start in his school music program in Mobile, AL. Listen below:


Ben features late musician Bobby Skel of Swainsboro, Georgia, who was part of the Dick Clark Traveling Band Stand, on getting an early start in music. Listen below:


Ben talks about the elementary band teacher who inspired him, and encourages listeners to thank the music teachers in their life. Listen below:


For more ideas on how you can support your local music program, see these articles:

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