Presenter: Amanda Suckow

“Planning for Identity Through ‘Connecting’ Standards” is a one-hour virtual session designed to provide in-depth insight into how teachers’ and students’ identities influence various lesson planning stages utilizing a connecting standard: selecting content and repertoire; making sense of an unpacked standard; seeking opportunities to provide student choice to encourage student innovation; and exploring varied assessment practices that anticipate student response.The session will not thoroughly address these complex topics; instead, the focus is on investigating opportunities to consider student and teacher identity when planning. Learning Objectives: Increase depth of understanding for how an educator’s Identity influences how they see students and select content/repertoire; Unpack a ‘connecting’ standard and investigate opportunities to explore student and educator identity; Design learning opportunities for a ‘connecting’ standard.

Watch the video of the webinar below.




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  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA)
  • Educational Topics
  • Representation

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  • Video
  • Webinar

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