Roundtable Members Win Emmy for “I Made It” PSA

Congratulations to our Music Education Policy Roundtable members the National Music Council and the Music Publishers Association on their Emmy win at the 57th Annual New York Emmy® Awards for their public service announcement, “Copy Kid.” This animated PSA is part of their “I Made It” campaign, which encourages young students to respect the rights of creators. The lesson plan and educational extension activities of the program are available free to teachers at

“This project is part of a world-wide effort by creators to foster an understanding that the online protection of creative work enhances freedom of speech and the marketplace of ideas, rather than encroaching on them,” said Dr. David Sanders, executive director of the National Music Council and Montclair State University professor.

Check out the wonderful video:

Catherina Hurlburt, Special Assistant, April 4, 2014. © National Association for Music Education (